The RADAR series announces the full lineup

February 22 – The RADAR series announces the full lineup

The RADAR series, presented by M for Montreal and Mundial Montréal in collaboration with QUB musique, will allow the general public to discover the best of the emerging music scene and for artists to access a springboard for the professionalization of their career.   

RADAR is honored to present the very first cohort of artists in programming, selected upon its call for applications.  

Twelve independent groups will present themselves in a showcase open to the general public within the warm confines of the Ministère, where RADAR will take up residence for the entire series, taking place twice a month. Each time, the bands will perform on stage alongside more experienced Montreal artists. 

Full Program 

March 28th – Presented by Sors-tu 

Nora ToutainLara Klaus BOOGÁT

March 29th – Presented by Canal Auditif 

 Carla ChanelleTANGO GOLF TANGO Naomi 

April 25th – Presented by PanM 360 

Avec PlaisirPopuli Mon Doux Saigneur 

April 27 – Presented by CHOQ 

Dumai Dunai SPRLUAAyrad 

May 30 – Presented by CISM 

Bel & QuinnNaïma FrankWake Island 

May 31 – Presented by CULT 


The ambiance will be festive for the general public, as well as for local industry professionals.   


Professional component   

Each evening will be prefaced by a professional activity, allowing members of the industry to get together, and emerging artists to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with the industry. The pro segment is presented in collaboration with Les Rendez-Vous de l’ADISQ.   

Box-office is open, and registration for the pro section has also begun. The first showcases will be held on March 28th at 7:30 pm at the Ministère.  


The RADAR series is made possible through to the support of SODEC’s 2022-2023 innovative initiatives program.    

RADAR would like to thank its partners for their involvement in the promotion of the emerging music scene and in the stimulation of discoverability among the general public in Montreal.   

SODEC, Les Rendez-Vous de l’ADISQ, QUB musique, SOCAN, Le Canal auditif, CHOQ, CISM, CJLO, CULT, La Vitrine, Sors-tu, Panm360