Mentoring program and mentors unveiled!

Dear Mundial community,   

We are pleased to unveil today the complete content of our mentoring sessions!  


Discover the PRO program!  

By participating in Mundial Montréal’s mentoring program, you’ll have the chance to attend 6 sessions from August to November 2023. 

  1. Touring in Canada: the ABC’s of presenting networks  

Who are the different groups and how do Quebec’s distribution networks work? Are there the same kinds of networks in Quebec and Canada? Join Laura Marais (Bonsound) for the first session of the Pro Mentoring Program on Thursday, September 7. 

2. Building your team, the cornerstone of a music career 

When should you expand your team? Who would be the most relevant in your professional circle?  Come and chat with Kevin Amougou (N.O.T.E. (NEXT ONE TO ENJOY) LIMITED) on Friday, September 8, to learn more about expanding his team. 

3. Making your project shine: branding, communications & marketing strategies 

On Friday, September 22, come and meet Juan Souki (Odelia Artists), who will present a session on branding, the importance of good visuals and how to grab the public’s attention without necessarily having financial resources.

4. Planning your release: cycle digital distribution and how to build your marketing plan 

Dorothée Parent-Roy (House of Supercool) will show you the importance of a good pitch, how to tell your story well, and the importance of having a good marketing plan even on a small budget. See you on October 5!

5. Music supervision: placing your music in films and series 

On Tuesday, October 17, Patricia Carrera (Music Supervisor) will present a session on how to monetize your music and how to prepare yourself to approach music supervisors with a view to placing your music in films and series. 

6. The Royalty Roadmap 

On Friday, November 3, Aaron Lightsone and Joel Schwartz (CMRCI) will host the final session of the PRO series, on the art of finding your way through the different types of music rights. 

 The PRO mentoring program is offered to 10 industry professionals attending Mundial Montréal 2023. To confirm your participation in the PRO mentoring program, you will need to select your interest when purchasing your PRO badge. 


Meet the mentors! 

We’d like to take a moment to thank our mentors for their time and involvement with the delegates and artists participating in Mundial Montréal. We are fortunate to be able to count on their support and passion. 

Aaron Lightsone and Justin Gray 

CMRCI, (Canadian Musician Royalty Collection Initiative), is a collective of independent musicians consisting of Aaron Lighstone, Joel Schwartz, and Justin Gray. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council, CMRCI is dedicated to developing and delivering training resources that empower Canadian musicians in navigating the complex realm of music royalties. 

Dorothée Parent Roy 

Dorothée Parent-Roy is a seasoned pro in the music industry, starting from music venues to becoming a publicist for Indica records. She entered digital distribution in 2012 at Believe Digital and then led Distribution Select’s digital distribution team. She is one third of House of Supercool, a creative digital marketing agency empowering artists, and co-founder of Distribution Amplitude, a non-profit digital distribution company. 

Juan Souki 

Arts manager and founder at Odelia Artists, a Canadian music agency supporting independent artists as they break into new markets. Juan holds an MFA from Columbia University in New York and a latent desire for artistic collaboration, standing for projects that are artistically powerful, socially conscious, and meaningful to the communities where they belong. In the live music industry, he has worked internationally in collaboration with presenters and organizations in North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East including NYU Abu Dhabi, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, The Clarice Performing Arts Centre, and many others.   

Kevin Amougou  

Kevin Amougou is a Montreal-based artist manager, A&R and music publisher whose talent and expertise in Hip-hop and R&B are recognized internationally. With a prolific career spanning 15 years, he has forged his reputation as a leading figure in the music industry. Kevin also runs his own music management and publishing company as the founder of Next One To Enjoy (NOTE Ltd). 

Laura Marais  

Laura has been working in the Quebec music industry for over 15 years. After handling promotion, marketing and production for some key Montreal promoters, she is now a booking agent at Bonsound, a record label, booking agency, concert producer, management and publishing house with 20 years of activity. She represents a dozen artists including Milk & Bone, Flore Laurentienne, Julie Doiron and Choses Sauvages. 

Patricia Carrera 

About 19 years of working in royalty collection for artists and authors, more than 11 years doing licensing for films, TV, and advertising, and almost 9 being a music supervisor and consultant for films, TV, and advertising. Represents the international music producer Phil Vinall and handles issues for artists such as Beto Cuevas, Ely Guerra, Enjambre, Pato Machete, Guadalupe Pineda, and many more. 


Dedicated programming for showcase artists!  

This specific program for artists is designed to help prepare them for their showcase at Mundial Montréal, both artistically and professionally.      

Only artists with an official showcase can register for the Artist Mentoring Program.    

By participating in Mundial Montréal’s Artist Mentoring Program, you will have the chance to take part in 2 sessions in September. 


  1. How to prepare your showcase for maximum impact 

On Friday, September 17, Olivier Laroche (Pimp ton show) will host the first session of the artist mentoring program. Learn how to promote your showcase and present yourself well on stage during an official showcase presentation. 

2. Preparing for the market 

On Friday, September 29, Eli Levinson (Mundial Montréal) and Maude St-Amand Courcy (Mundial Montréal/ Impresaria) will host a Q&A to close the 2023 mentoring program! This interactive session will enable participants to learn more about a variety of topics, including how to prepare promotional material, important activities not to be missed at Mundial 2023, and tips on how to approach PROs for a showcase presentation. 

Meet the mentors!  

Eli Levinson 

Eli Levinson is a music and event producer from Montreal. He is the programming coordinator for industry showcase Mundial Montreal, as well as working on many projects (production, communications, administration) with Stonetree Records, Afrotronix , his new boutique label project MTL Sauce Piquante, and others, doing remixes, DJing, and organizing events in Montreal connecting roots and electronic music. 

Maude St-Amand Courcy 

Maude is an artist manager, booking agent and project coordinator based in Montreal. She is currently working as a manager for Ramon Chicharron, as a project manager and booking agent with Impresaria and as the pro experience coordinator at Mundial Montreal. Her approach with the artists she represents is highly personalized to ensure optimum development of the artist’s career to reach national and international levels. In an industry where there is often too much homogeneity, she values diversity, bridges between cultures and artistic approaches that go off the beaten track. As the coordinator of the pro experience at Mundial Montreal, her role is to coordinate the World Route Network, the mentorship program, the curation of the delegates and everything related to their experience at Mundial Montreal. 

Olivier Laroche 

Olivier Laroche is a jack-of-all-trades in the arts and communications. Musician, television host, and artist agent, his eclectic career has allowed him to touch on many aspects of the performing arts. 

He founded Pimp ton show, a show design and stage coaching service. With his work method, he proposes simple and concrete solutions to optimize the impact of all musical performances. 

How can I take part in the Artist Mentoring Program?  

When you receive your invitation to present an official showcase at Mundial Montréal, you will be offered the option of participating in the mentoring program. Please confirm your interest in participating in the Mentorship Program when you confirm your showcase.      

Mundial Montréal tickets are now on sale! 

Secure your place in the mentoring program by registering now! PRO and PROS OF PROS badges are currently available at the EARLY-BIRD rate, until midnight on September 5.