Mundial Montréal – First 8 artists unveiled !

MONTREAL, July 27th

Mundial Montréal returns for its 12th edition from November 15 to 18 in person and via its virtual networking platform from November 1 to 25. These are more than 300 professionals from industryincluding international and national delegates who will meet in Montreal next November to discover the best of the global music scene.

The festival-conference continues to honor the diversity of Canadian, and international talent!

With a program that includes nearly 30 artists on display, Mundial Montreal will showcase groups from cultural diversity, both local and international.

groove& which stand out for their eclectic Korean percussion, in addition to being led by women. Helsinki-Cotonou that will honor us with its Finnish-Beninese afrobeat and fusion funk. The Quebec group Le Diable à Cinq who will add a festive touch with their traditional Quebec folk. Lengaïa Salsa Brava, made up of a dynamic and multicultural 12-piece orchestra. Moneka Arabic Jazz, a group rooted in Afro-Arab music and heritage, with its members exuding Canadian, Algerian and Greek origins. Nohe & Sus Santos mix the musical traditions, rhythms and sounds of the Americas, incorporating Spanish alternative rock, cumbia and pop. Polky (meaning Polish Women) which celebrates Toronto’s multiculturalist and Polish roots with a unique sound. The Swedish duo Symbio, have a strong stage presence with their magical hurdy-gurdy and accordion playing, taking viewers on a dreamlike journey.

Learn more about these first artists!

The Return of in-person Networking Events 

After having to resort to virtual methods, the Mundial Montréal team is pleased to announce that the famous Speed ​​Schmooze networking event will take place in person this year, as well as our classic Mentor Café. Mundial Montréal is recognized for its boutique format which promotes an intimate atmosphere, where human and professional connections are facilitated. It is a pleasure to be able to return to the usual format of the event; much appreciated by its faithful participants.