2022 Awards

Stingray Rising Stars Award 

The Stingray Rising Stars Award is given to a Canadian artist selected from the official Mundial Montréal selection. The winner of the award will receive a $2000 grant.    

About Stingray  

Stingray Music is a multi-platform music service offering thousands of channels in every imaginable style, accessible worldwide online, on mobile and on television.    

In North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia, millions of music lovers choose Stingray Music to easily find the perfect channel for every time, place and mood.    

At home, at work or on the go, the music you want to hear is always just a few clicks away.    

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Rideau – Mundial Montréal Award 

RIDEAU is offering an official showcase to an artist from Mundial Montréal during RIDEAU 2023, February 12–16, 2023 in Quebec City.    

*All artists, national and international, are eligible.    

About RIDEAU  

Rideau organizes the RIDEAU event, the most important francophone performing arts market in America since 1988. It is an annual meeting place for performing arts professionals and plays a key role for many producers and artists. It is an essential gathering place that encourages exchanges, business meetings, discoveries and artistic career launches. It plays a leading role and enjoys an ever-growing influence.    

Rideau is without a doubt the largest market of its kind in Canada, with 180 exhibiting companies and 1400 participants annually. It is an essential destination in the ecology of music distribution in Quebec and Canada. It is also the francophone event that presents the most showcases in its official selection. The observed spin-offs demonstrate the event’s influence in the national cultural landscape and its determining role in the circulation of diversified and quality shows throughout Quebec and in the Canadian and international Francophonie.    

About fifty multidisciplinary showcases are presented during the 5 days of the event, in about ten locations in Quebec City. The event will be held from February 12 to 16.    

For more information on the event:  

For more information on RIDEAU, the professional association of show presenters:  

Réseau des Maisons de la Culture Award  

The Réseau des Maisons de la culture offers a tour to a Canadian artist in the Maisons de la culture for the 2023–2024 seasons.     

* The number of shows will be confirmed according to the number of interests with each Maison de la culture.    

** Quebec and Canadian artists are eligible.     

About the Maisons de la culture network    

The Maisons de la culture work on the 19 boroughs of Montreal by presenting shows and exhibitions, cultural activities, projects with the population and artists in nearly sixty cultural venues, public spaces, as well as partners’ homes.    

 Photo credit: Peter Graham